Baywash Offer a diverse range of cleaning services

NDIS Cleaning 

Commercial & Office Cleaning

Residential Cleaning


Industrial, Warehouse & Depot Cleaning

Window Cleaning & Pole Fed Abseiling

Education Facility

Floor Cleaning Strip & Seal

Carpet &
Upholstery Cleaning


Fleet Vehicles & Transport Sanitising

Post Construction

Event & Party Cleaning

Pest Control

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Baywash Enterprises has a strong history in all aspects of commercial cleaning and has provided services to a number of clients both big and small from large modern leisure centres, complex government department contracts on multiple sites to luxury development strata cleaning. With our large trained and educated workforce we have the capability to meet your needs on multiple sites any time of the night or day.

  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Strata Cleaning
  • Depot Cleaning
  • Educational Facility Cleaning
  • Council Cleaning
  • Leisure Centres
  • Window cleaning
  • Event & Party Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Building wash downs
  • Steam cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • All types of floor polishing
  • Commercial Vehicle Cleaning (Night Cleans and In depth Monthly cleans a speciality)
  • Factory & Warehouse Facilities Cleaning (Offices, Canteens, Lunchrooms, Main Warehouses)
  • Corporate and Head Office
  • Post Construction Cleaning Services (Offices, Units, Duplex etc.)

Baywash has the equipment, the people and the expertise to manage any cleaning job from cleaning a community hall after an event to cleaning a local sports stadium. Our team includes professional who have worked in every conceivable industry and our pricing is tiered, transparent and very competitive.


Commercial Cleaning Services & Our No Risk Offer

I have cleaned my share of vehicles and offices over the years and there are things I hold to be true in my industry.

Firstly, people are the most important part of my business. Rain, hail or shine I have to keep them safe and happy and if I can do that, then I’ve had a good day. I pay my crew fairly and I talk to them about any change I want to introduce because I have learnt that they are the ones that will make that change work. I treat all my workers with respect even though many look down on the work they do but I see it as it is; an honest, hard day’s work which requires skill, pride and dedication.

People think the work is easy but as somebody who has cleaned a hundred offices I can tell you it can be hard, challenging & dirty work. The people who are good at this job are the ones who are open to learning, are detail focused and always remember that the customer and everybody’s safety must be at the heart of what they do. The must be able to talk to the customer, take feedback, learn and communicate honestly about the challenges they have every day.

Secondly, I never take the customer for granted simply because as my business grows and evolves so do my customers’ expectations and needs. What was good enough 5 years ago is now below standard and the industry is continuing to trend towards a more complete total customer offering at a better price. In an industry that is so often evaluated on price having a positive point of difference is challenging and there are industry practitioners that have operations that can, at best, be described as borderline.

I know that my continued success is based upon being fair and transparent across the board and knowing that as my customers evolve and change so must my business. I will always keep listen and never assume I “know” you.

The last thing I have learned is that unless I give my people the best possible start in the job then they will fail. I have heard people say many times that my workers “just clean stuff” but I would challenge anybody to clean an office properly so that a team of workers notices in a positive way. It’s a job that has many control points, significant risks and to be good at it you need to give your people the best possible start before you ever pick up a cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

I am proud of my business, I am proud of my people and I want to show you how my team of cleaning professionals can do the best possible job for your business at an amazing price while providing you with the peace of mind that the business you have chosen to be on your site is fully auditable, uses only inducted and trained professionals and maintains a safety level above the “reasonably practicable” in its workplace operations.