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Baywash is a specialised service provider for several state transit government sites across Sydney. This sector which includes offices, workshops and staff facilities are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. Baywash make sure to fulfil the requirements and standards that is expected within the guidelines of the government sector. Baywash staff are fully trained and understand the uniform and procedures that have to be met for WH&S requirements. Baywash understand the importance of continuous staff training and education to always ensure improved service to our customers.

We Have No Hesitation Recommending Baywash!

Baywash cleaning services have been contracted to Sans Souci Leisure centre for 3.5 years now and in which we have been very happy with their services which includes a vast area(s) throughout the building.

Sans Souci Leisure centre has a high foot traffic business which includes pools, gym, patron bathroom facilities, café, office and admin areas which are thoroughly kept neat and tidy throughout.

Baywash Staff have always been polite to our staff and our patrons which is very important to us. We have no hesitation in recommending or using Baywash Cleaning services no matter how big or small your enterprise may be.

Sheryl Fenn
Sans Souci Leisure Center
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